Welcome to the Merriman House Website!

Welcome to Merriman House - one of the most exciting houses in St Catherine’s School!  Merriman House was named after Doctor Merriman who was headmaster at Cranleigh School and one of the founders of St Catherine’s.

We are a very friendly house and our house colour is PURPLE! We encourage everyone in our community to participate in house activities of which we have a diverse and varied range. If you enjoy music, sport, acting or painting you will have a chance to shine throughout the School year. You do not have to have experience: we just ask for 100% commitment and 100% enthusiasm if you decide to take part - we are a very professional house and we strive to be the best! Enthusiasm has been markedly high over the years and if there was a Cheering Cup, Merriman would come first every time!

Each house supports charities and Merriman has always had very close links with children’s organisations. For example, we raise money for Save the Children and the local charity CHASE through a variety of events throughout the year.We are very famous at St Catherine’s for running the Merriman House Christmas Fair: a great opportunity for the Merriman girls to entertain the rest of the school while raising money for any charity dedicated to children. Another popular event amongst the Merriman House girls is the drama competition in which everyone has the opportunity to get involved both backstage or onstage.

I am looking forward to having the opportunity to see you all grow, develop and flourish through the years you will be with us at St Catherine’s. In order to help and support you in the house, we have an first class team of tutors, House Captains, and Sixth Form Prefects and of course myself.

Mrs Rosa McQuade