Modern society now, more than ever, relies on the creation of knowledge and the exchange of information. For young people to be successful and active members of this society, they need to be capable and skilled users of information technology. They must also be aware of how technology is created and how computers work.  

Studying ICT and Computing is therefore seen by many to be a necessity, as it equips pupils not only with the skills they need to learn and live in the 21st Century, but also to cope with the rapid rate of change we associate with living in the world today. It also provides them with an opportunity to appreciate the impact that this has had both on society and them as individuals. The need for ICT and Computing skills and knowledge is most certainly also cross-curricular and on-going and thus the course has been designed to build on skills from year to year.

The study of ICT/Computing at St Catherine’s aims to provide pupils with:

  • The skills and understanding to use software effectively to solve problems as well as to create, analyse and decipher programming code.
  • The ability to critically evaluate and assimilate the information they encounter, particularly through sources such as the internet.
  • An appreciation of the role IT plays in the world around them.
  • An understanding of the need to practice e-safety when using IT resources, particularly online.
  • An appreciation of the workings of common computing hardware.
  • An understanding of how a computer recognises programming code and the importance of accurate program design.