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The study of Geography involves grasping an ever-changing world in an integrated way. It means getting to the heart of environmental and human problems from a local to a global scale. It encompasses themes vital to today's world: the working of the Earth's natural systems, the increasingly problematic interaction between people and the physical environment, nature of human social organisation with all its inequalities, the development gap and the role of economic and political power on regional and global decision making.

Studying Geography gives you skills for life, whatever career you opt for later. You will learn to identify problems, analyse data and suggest solutions. In today's `information age', the ability to sieve large quantities of information, selecting the salient points quickly and critically, is highly valued.

The aim of the Geography curriculum at St Catherine’s is to educate pupils of their role as global citizens, to explore their values and responsibilities to other people, the environment and the sustainability of the planet. It is interesting, challenging, and progressive and covers a broad range of contemporary issues such as the Geography of Disease, Energy Conflict and Climate Change.

Pupils are encouraged to think and study independently through field work enquiry, decision making, debate and research in order to understand the complexity of the problems we face in the century.

Geography Department Staff

We are a kind and caring department and always have the pupils' best interests at heart. We are approachable and you will always find one or the other of us in room 1 giving help and advice to our pupils; so do pop in and say "hello". We are committed to helping all the girls we teach to enjoy Geography and to achieve their best. 

  • Mrs Sophie Mackness - Head of Department
    Sophie Mackness joined St Catherine's in 2001. She studied Environmental Science at university as she wanted to continue studying some Biology as well as Geography. Her main interest at University was Glacial and Periglacial Environments and Fluvial Processes although she has since developed a keen interest in Geopolitics and has enjoyed teaching this dynamic part of the A2 course. She enjoys creating practical geographical enquiries and encouraging pupils to plan their own fieldwork investigations. She has led trips to The Isle of Wight, Devon, Dorset, West Wittering, Box Hill, London Docklands, Guildford and Godalming, as well as tours to Iceland. She is known for regularly evaluating and changing the Geography schemes of work, ensuring they relate to the latest geographical research and current issues in the news. Her husband and two little boys are also keen geographers and have been on many fieldtrip reconnaissance visits. She enjoys gardening, hiking, eating out in restaurants, cooking, travelling and reading.
  • Mrs Amanda White
    Amanda White joined St Catherine’s in 2000, working part-time in the Geography Department. She has always loved Geography and from a very young age it was her ambition to be a teacher. She relishes teaching such a dynamic subject and particularly enjoys teaching the Pollution and Human Health at Risk, research topic at A2 which requires extensive wider reading. She has run a wide variety of trips and always enjoys getting the girls to experience Geography in the great outdoors; although she is not so sure they enjoy her early morning singing on residential trips! In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her husband and two children and they can often be found at the local sailing club. She also plays stoolball for her local team.
  • Mrs Elizabeth Goodwin
  • Anna Hetherington 
    Anna Hetherington joined St Catherine’s in 2012.  She comes from a long line of Geographers and tried to battle the inevitable by working in marketing in London for a few years, before succumbing to the lure of teaching! She has taught in London and in Melbourne, Australia, which was a slightly more hospitable place for Geography fieldtrips.  She is married (her husband started studying Geography at university but couldn’t cope with the rigours of the subject and switched to Economics!) and has 3 children; every car journey is a Geography lesson.  She particularly enjoys updating the Geography curriculum with new and relevant case studies (especially anything to do with London 2012, as her Lower 6 students can testify).  Her passion is educating people in how the world around us works from a physical and human point of view.  She enjoys being outdoors, baking,  British Military Fitness, rugby, travelling, playing “murder in the dark” and reading.
  • Miss Hannah Maude
  • Miss Alice North
    A psychology graduate from Southampton University, prior to coming to St Catherine’s Alice taught at Denbigh School in Milton Keynes. Alice also teaches in the Psychology department.