• £100.00 (non-returnable) To be sent with the completed Application Form  (£200.00 for overseas students)


  • This is payable when a vacancy is offered and accepted. This will be credited against the final school account, i.e. the closing account at the end of the last term at school. It is not otherwise returnable.
  • £500.00 for a Day girl £1,000.00 for a Boarder resident in this country

A full term’s fees for girls whose parents are resident overseas and for all new L6 entrants from September 2016.


  • Middle & Senior: Boarding and Tuition £9,635.00 per term
  • Occasional Boarding: per night £60.00 per week £300.00

Please be aware that boarding is very full and occasional boarding beds need to be booked well in advance


  • Pre-Prep 1: £2,860.00 per term
  • Pre-Prep 2: £3,465.00 per term
  • Pre-Prep 3: £4,090.00 per term
  • Prep School: £4,830.00 per term
  • Senior School: £5,850.00 per term

Fees include lunches, all residential whole year group curriculum visits (Form I - Upper 5), e.g. Activities Week in Senior School, Isle of Wight for L3 etc and day curriculum visits for Pre-Prep Fees also include Creative Arts materials for years U3-U4. All fees are payable in advance by the first day of term by termly direct debit unless arrangements have been made to pay by School Fee Plan for monthly direct debit. If the account has not been settled by the first day of term, the School charges interest on late fee payments and the girl may be refused admission.


Fees may be paid in advance and the School offers a discount of 0.175% per month (2.1% per annum) on lump sums paid as fees in advance. For more details or a quotation please email the Assistant Business Manager – Finance and Accounts, Mr Robert Kinnison on robert.kinnison@stcatherines.info.


A term’s notice must be given in writing by the first day of term, or a full term’s fees must be paid and settled immediately upon receipt of final bill. The same applies to any change of boarding / day status, withdrawal from “extra subject” classes or the school buses run by the parents. Notice letters should be addressed to the Headmistress.


All lessons are normally 30 minutes. Some extras are supplied by self-employed teachers who issue independent invoices.

  • CAT CLUB - Prep School After School Care £5.00 per hour or part thereof up to a maximum of £9.00 per session. Sessions must be booked in advance.
  • DANCING - 10 x 30 min lessons £60.00 | 10 x 45 min lessons £70.00 | 10 x 1 hour lessons £80.00 | Dance Waiting Class - £3.00 per session
  • MUSIC - 10 lessons per term £218.00 | Hire of musical instrument per term £50.00
  • MANDARIN CLUB - £100.00 per term
  • CHESS - (Prep School Masterclass) £60.00 per term
    10 lessons per term £72.50 for Prep and U3-U4 (8 -10 in class)
    £100.00 for L5-U5 (up to 6 in class)
    £110.00 for Sixth Form Advanced Medal Group (6 in class) £166.00 for L6-U6 (up to 2 in a class)
    10 lessons (all solo) £210.00
    10 lessons - 2 in class £125.00
    (Senior School) 10 lessons - 3 in class £100.00 10 lessons - 4 in class £77.50
    (Prep School) - 10 lessons £78.00
    1 pupil per class per lesson £36.00
    2 pupils per class per lesson £23.50
    3 pupils per class per lesson £17.20
    4 pupils per class per lesson £13.50
  • BOARDERS’ HEALTH - The cost of medicines prescribed by the School Medical Officer is added to the fees. Charges would also be made in the unlikely event of special nursing being required, or a girl staying in the Medical Centre for part of the holidays. Any extras supplied by Boarding Housemistresses will be added to the girl’s personal account.
  • EXPEDITIONS & ENTERTAINMENTS - Girls are required to submit a slip with their parent’s signature indicating parental permission and acceptance of charge. The cost is added to their personal account. Boarders may have their slips signed by Boarding Housemistresses in some cases. Parents should liaise with the Boarding Housemistress.
  • EXAMINATIONS - All external examinations are charged as extras.
  • INVIGILATIONS - Where special Invigilators are employed for examinations, a proportionate charge will be made to parents.