Duke of Edinburgh's Award

Mrs Jean Arrick: jean.arrick@stcatherines.info

Duke of Edinburgh's Report 2015-2016

Written by Claire Lloyd-Davies & Hattie Lance Jones (L6)

We went on our final expedition for our Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. We stopped by the sea at Aberystwyth which gave us a positive outlook - which was unlikely to be continued by the Welsh weather! Ice cream was much enjoyed before heading to our overnight hostel. 

The following morning we began our four days of walking, something everyone found very testing, but also incredibly rewarding once completed. We were promptly met by green terrain and many sheep that remained in view for the duration of the expedition. We had also been told by our supervisors that seeing anyone other than a farmer would be a rarity to be treasured. 

On the final evening, after torrential rain and blistering wind all day, (in which we discovered our water proofs could not cope with Welsh rain), we were delighted to be greeted by luxury in the form of a pub, booked by Mrs Arrick. It has to be said we were all incredibly grateful for a hot meal, tea, a shower - and water that did not come from either streams or other dubious sources!

Overall our whole Duke of Edinburgh’s experience has required commitment and determination and has undoubtedly been highly rewarding. 

It has helped cultivate teamwork and character, and we would urge anyone considering the award to try it. Despite the numerous challenges one faces throughout all three awards, it is definitely a unique experience that will be remembered for life: the anecdotes are endless! We would like to thank Mrs Arrick and the other members of staff involved in coordinating our Duke of Edinburgh’s Award experience.