Curriculum - GCSE

The GCSE course is a 2 year course, following the AQA Resistant Materials Specification.

Throughout the 2 years the girls will undertake a group project aimed at developing their design and technology skills. We concentrate on the areas of design that will be needed in the Controlled Assessment Project that follows.

The course is an exciting and thought provoking course and the girls particularly enjoy the challenges of running their own individual project in the U5.


L5 starts straight away with a group project. They are given design freedom and are asked to design and make an experimental project, often themed around children’s toys, there is a need to specify a brief, plan for modelling, and then make a prototype using hand methods.

On completion of the group project the girls then move on to studying some theory elements of the course, from design history through to material science. At this point the girls are introduced to the Controlled Assessment Project and they begin the design portfolio for this element of the course.The module content includes:


  •  Project planning at GCSE level, including an introduction to group project work
  • Use of design folders at GCSE level
  • Understanding assessment against marking criteria
  • Application of design methodology 
  • Issues involved in time-managing large scale projects
  • Techniques of manufacture applicable to GCSE coursework
  • Further use of Computer Aided Design (CAD)
  • Appreciating the central place of CAD and CAM in modern manufacturing


During the Autumn term the girls will spend most of their lessons designing and then making their individual projects for the Controlled Assessment. This is a big project to undertake, and the girls follow a set of design briefs provided by the examinations board. It is very exciting and the girls thoroughly enjoy the work.

On completion of the project we then move in to examination preparation mode and revision of all of the theory elements of the course.