Create the Future

The St Catherine's wheel turns; we do not stand still.  We are ambitious and invite  you to Create the Future.  Our goal is to ensure continued success by developing the School's strengths and attracting the very best girls and staff.  The Governors and teachers have prioritised future developments and we will need the financial support of the whole community.  We will be fundraising for The 6 and for The Catalyst concurrently with the aim of bringing forward the CATalyst.  The 6 has to come first as it is located in the corner of the School site - at the Unit and Barbara Platt building.  Once constructed and complete, we can then begin The CATalyst with the removal of West Block.  If built first, we would be unable to reach the corner of the School site to complete The 6.  Quite a puzzle - but an exciting one!

The Governors have established a Development Committee to lead the Create the Future Campaign.  This is chaired by Mr Albert Alonzo.