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The word ‘ASHCOMBE’ is synonymous with ‘FRIENDLY’! Everyone knows that Ashcombe is known as ‘the friendly house’, and whilst we have no doubt that the other Houses aspire to this also, we have proved it again and again!

I am privileged to lead a truly fantastic group of people, year on year, through many triumphs and some tribulations and, without fail, what matters most to each individual is the depth of friendships enjoyed, the sense of great camaraderie and House Spirit, whether it be from within the middle of the Chorus in the House singing competition, or cheered at 102 decibels from the sidelines at the Swimming Gala ( an event, by the way, that we have won quite a lot of times!) and the huge number of tremendously fun opportunities presented to ‘have a go’ at something that girls may feel is not traditionally their ‘forte’. We don’t always win, but as any Ashcombe member will tell you, for our House, it really is ‘the taking part that counts!’ We are proud of who and what we are, and we hope you get a chance to experience Ashcombe at first hand!

Mrs Amanda White - Ashcombe Housemistress

History of Ashcombe House

In 1922 pupils returned from the summer holidays to find notices pinned on the gym notice board for red, blue and yellow houses. The pupils' names had been allocated, rather mysteriously, to each of the houses and thus began the day house system. In 1936, a new house was introduced - green house. Over the years boarding houses were created: Bronte, Keller and Symes. Eventually two day houses emerged as Austen and Nightingale. In 1976, under Mrs Platt as Headmistress, the houses were reorganized into the present six day house system replacing Austen and Nightingale. Ashcombe became one of these houses, adopting its colour as red.

In 1898, two Surrey schools of Cranleigh and Bramley had reached a Royal Charter, which was obtained for them through influence and generosity of one of their chief benefactors, Lord Ashcombe. The Ashcombe name originates from this man. Lord Ashcombe was chairman of the Bramley and Cranleigh schools corporations, and was also chairman and one of the original founders of the school until 1914, when war broke out.

Miss Massey, originally from Nightingale house, was appointed housemistress of Ashcombe from its very creation in 1976. She was a pillar of support and dedication throughout her time with the house. Mrs Williams became our House Mistress in September 2000 when Miss Massey retired. Mrs Williams took over the running of the house with enthusiasm and vigour, working with Mrs Silver who was the Fourth Form tutor. Miss Komor replaced Mrs Williams in September 2005 and, as Mrs Silver had also by this time stopped tutoring, the new Fourth Form tutor was Mrs Strong. Miss Dyball was our first, designated U3 tutor and this extra support for the U3s has always been proven to be invaluable. In January 2008, Mrs Strong was asked to become a Sixth Form tutor, and so Mrs Rusholme took the Fourth Form helm.

At Easter time, 2008, Mrs Obaditch took over as U3 tutor from Miss Dyball, ( who had since become Mrs Butchart, and had a baby), and Miss Smith joined the school and Ashcombe for a year as the L/U4 Tutor from September 2009, since Mrs Rusholme had left to become Head of Maths at ‘Priors Field’. Miss Komor became Mrs Peskett in August 2010, and at the start of September 2010 two new tutors arrived to take on the Middle School forms : Mrs Lamb for Fourth Form, and Miss Brockwell for the U3s. In 2012 Mr Vaughan joined the house as Upper Three and Lower Four tutor and Miss Cross as Upper Four tutor and Mrs Weighell as Assistant tutor. Mrs White became Ashcombe Housemistress in 2013.

Ever since 1976 when we were the first house to brave the rigours of a skating expedition to Richmond, events have followed, such as mufti days, sales, pantomimes and quizzes, all to raise money for charity.

Our reputation as "the friendly house" has remained with us throughout the years. Ashcombe always puts up a good fight in all the inter-house competitions and have done especially well in Swimming as well as, more recently, the Drama competitions. However, we often continue to retain second place in many events, and after researching Ashcombe's history we have found that our second place tradition was also the case way back through the years! But we are not disheartened as the potential of the house is very promising and we are embracing each and every year with great optimism and anticipation.

Ashcombe Staff & House Officers


  • Housemistress: Mrs Amanda White 
  • U3/L4 Tutor: Debbie Kitchen
  • U4 Tutor: Mrs Caroline Warren
  • Assistant Tutor: Milly Marsh

Ashcombe Prefects 2017-2018

  • House Captains: Beth and Chloe 
  • Drama Prefect: Lulu 
  • Technical Theatre: Flo 
  • Charity Prefects: Abi and Mia 
  • New Girls (not U3): Anjola-Oluwa and Abi 
  • U3 Prefects: Phoebe and Anisha 
  • Debating Prefects: Anisha and Phoebe 
  • Games:  Kate , Eleanor , Eleanor .
  • Music Prefect: Emilie 
  • Art and PR Prefect: Julia 

Previous House Captains

  • 2016-2017:  Lauren and Anne-Claire 
  • 2015-2016: Alys  and Ella 
  • 2014-2015: Alex and Harriet 
  • 2013-2014: Annie  and Anna 
  • 2012-2013: Katie  and Hannah 
  • 2011-2012: Tess and Sarah 
  • 2010-2011: Sophie and Anjuli 
  • 2009-2010: Jemima and Charlie 
  • 2008-2009: Julia  and Olivia 
  • 2007- 2008: Kathryn  and Mimi 
  • 2006-2007: Vanessa and Lizzie 
  • 2005-2006: Philippa and Sophie