Annual Report

Musgrave House Report 

Musgrave House have had an incredibly enjoyable and successful year, involving all members of the house thanks to the amazing leadership of our last house captains, Jasmin Sharpe and Sophie Lee. The House Drama this year was a real highlight, with girls participating in acting, tech and set design. The house embraced the challenging theme of "human rights acts” and created a spectacular production based on the gender pay gap, showcasing all the dramatic talent which Musgrave has to offer. Sophie Lee, Jasmin Sharpe, Alice Pink and Millie Bysh wrote an amazingly powerful, informative piece, enabling us to win third place. The combination of the smooth transitions, flawless tech and brilliant acting skills left a lasting and memorable impression on the judges. 

During the Autumn Term, we competed in a series of House netball matches. We fought hard throughout the weeks, and although having rarely played together, our natural cohesion was clear. Due to our positivity and enthusiasm we progressed to the final.

St Catherine’s Day was a memorable day all round with all the year groups coming together to represent the House. Musgrave showed a tremendous amount of House spirit and teamwork in House lacrosse. Both the senior and middle teams performed fantastically and consequently made it to the final, emphasising Musgrave's immense sporting skills.

The following term began with weekly rehearsals for House music, a highly anticipated house event for all girls. This year Millie Bysh, Lydia Joshua and Sophie Naughalty produced their own arrangements of 'Mrs Robinson' and 'Seasons of Love'. Throughout the term they led, taught and conducted the house. The final performance, complete with actions, was a huge success, resulting in 3rd place; a position which we were very happy with, as it demonstrated all the hard work we had put in throughout the term. 

House Gym is a favourite amongst all the girls, especially the L6 who lead a variety of groups such as rhythmic, aerobics, cheerleading and trio. All the girls enjoyed practicing and perfecting the routines throughout the term, and each performance was full of energy and House spirit. We were thrilled to achieve 1st place, as it was so well deserved. 

In the Summer term, many girls played rounders and tennis each week for the house. Great fun was had by all and to top it off the seniors proceeded to the tennis final. 

On Speech Day, Musgrave girls and parents formed a team to compete in the egg race. Their aim was to safely catapult an egg as far as they could, using their own design made from scratch. It was an extremely amusing event, and whilst having a cracking time we were still able to come 2nd.

On the last full day of the school year, the highly contested house athletics and swimming took place. Swimming started the day with many girls racing in a lively and enthusiastic atmosphere. Following the annual house picnic the majority of girls took part in either track or field events in the athletics; a great way to end the year. Every girl is encouraged to take part, and with so much house spirit, there is no need to be nervous.

Throughout the year we have supported a variety of charities and successfully raised over £1000 for worthwhile causes. All the girls enjoy getting involved; baking cakes for cake sales, selling breast cancer badges and helping to organise our annual Easter egg hunt.

Overall, Musgrave have had a wonderful year, excelling in many activities. We have managed to place highly in many events whilst bonding and growing as a house, so we are really looking forward to facing the challenges next year.