Annual Report

Stoner Annual Report 2015 -2016

Stoner House Captains -  Helena & Amy (L6)

Yet again Stoner has had an action-packed year, filled with excitement and success, ranging from a spirited performance in the House Singing to numerous successes on the sports field. Stoner started the year by welcoming Mrs Hermitage as the U4 tutor, and Mrs Moore as an Assistant Tutor.

The Autumn Term started with the first event of the year, House Drama, with the task of creating a play based on the theme of Whodunnit? in which Stoner had to include Miss Scarlett, a Knight, Pall Mall and the theme of Geography.  The House Captains, Katie and Natasha and our House Drama Prefect, Katie , created an original production, which saw some excellent performances on stage and behind the scenes. With special mention going to Connie, Octavia and Alicia for their fantastic performances.  

We were also proud to be awarded the Creative Design Award for our inventive use of a video to open our play. 

House Art was also completed in the start of the Autumn Term where we gained first place for our magnificent display.

Stoner’s sporting spirit aided their victory in the Senior Lacrosse Competition, which was held on St Catherine’s Day. The Middle School girls also showed great teamwork and enthusiasm throughout the day. Further participation was seen throughout the term in the House Netball Competition; we fought hard in both the Middle and the Senior Competition, but unfortunately took away 6th and 5th place respectively.  We were also delighted to have been awarded the Work Cup at the end of the Autumn Term.

The Spring Term was filled with singing and gym practices which required leadership from both the Upper and Lower Six. The theme for singing was Big Bands and we performed S’ Wonderful. We also chose to perform a girl-power mash-up arranged by our Music Prefect, Lucia. The arrangement was carefully put together with a keen eye for detail and Lucia showed huge amounts of dedication and enthusiasm throughout all rehearsals. The House performed with pride and we exceeded our expectations in our performances. Despite not being placed we are hugely proud of our performance. 

The Lower Sixth commitment was shown in the results of the House Gym, where we achieved first place. A special mention goes to Evie (L4) who achieved first place in the Solo, despite being a younger competitor. We also achieved first place in Aerobics due to the originality and precise routine delivered by the team. 

The Summer Term came around quickly and brought with it the rounder and tennis competitions. The Seniors started off the competitions with a cracking result of coming first in the rounders. The tennis proved to be tougher, but we happily took 4th place. The Middles achieved a well-deserved second place in tennis. A special mention goes to everyone who played in multiple matches, showing much determination, especially in the close-fought Final. Exuberance was also shown in the rounders, with many volunteers from all years.

The last few days of the Summer Term were jam-packed, starting with the House Quiz, in which our effort in the buzzer round and classroom gave us second place in the Middle School and third place in the Senior School. Well done to all who contributed! We were also victorious in the House Chess Competition, coming first in Middle School and second in Senior School. We were also thrilled to be awarded first place in the Lower Four Team Maths Challenge and also to receive the Wendy Griffiths Mathematical Challenge Award – a first for Stoner!

The end of term also provides our athletes with the chance to shine and we were thrilled with our successes in the relays again this year. We won the House Athletics Relay Trophy, House Golden Mile Trophy and this helped us to secure first place in the overall House Athletics competition. Following the athletics we had a delicious picnic outside and enjoyed ‘Stoner’ cakes baked by the House Captains.  We then headed to the pool for the House Swimming Competition where our swimmers swam their best, achieving some excellent results and coming fourth overall.

Stoner has raised over £2000 over the past year through events including a hot chocolate sale, Halloween cake sale and St Patrick’s Day cake sale. The money has been raised for the following charities: Kent, Sussex and Surrey Air Ambulance; St Catherine’s Chapel Fund; Centre Point; Happy Lands; Make a Wish; Shooting Star Chase; The Brain Tumour Charity. 
We would like to give our best wishes to the U6 for their future plans, and thank them for their invaluable leadership. We would also like to say a big farewell to Miss Merrifield who has been such an asset to Stoner. We look forward to another fun and successful year!