Annual Report

Ashcombe Annual Report 2015-2016

Ashcombe House Captains - Lauren & Anne-Claire (L6)

Once again it has been an action packed year for Ashcombe. The Summer Term was filled with a multitude of enjoyable events and activities.  Speech Day brought the infamous egg race, which involves students and their parents solving a complex Physics challenge involving an egg, and we were delighted to have achieved first place!  Towards the end of the term, we came first in the Senior School Quiz, and second in the Middle School Quiz. We also came first in Middle School House Chess, and fourth in Senior School Chess. Along with all the other successes of the Summer Term, Ashcombe came third in the Merit Cup.

The term ended with the House Athletics and Swimming, both of which were great fun, and we were lucky to have the sun shining throughout the day! 

It was wonderful to see everyone out on the field and in the pool supporting and competing: the sea of cheerful red is always a great sight to see. 
We all enjoyed ourselves, and would like to say a huge “thank you” to everyone for putting in so much hard work and effort into making sure these events are possible.

The Autumn Term was a great start to the academic year, filled with impressive achievements.   JoJo won Best Chairperson during the Public Speaking Competition. Her eloquent speech and supportive nature have inspired younger members of the house to take part and really enjoy the experience. In the House Art, we had a variety of entries that were including textiles, DT, art and photography. All the work was of a very high standard, and we were extremely proud of the diligence that went into creating the pieces. We would like to thank Natasha and Emily, our House Art prefects, for putting together such a stunning display. 

The House Drama Competition is an event that we always look forward to every year, with the U6 writing and directing the plays themselves. This year the theme was a murder mystery with background details given from board games. For example, we were allocated Regent Street from Monopoly, Professor Plum from Cluedo, The Bishop from Chess and Science and Nature from Trivial Pursuit.  Although we did not emerge triumphant, Beth (U5) won Best Senior Actor for her brilliant portrayal of the intimidating detective. 

In the sporting events, we put together some strong teams, with members from all year groups. In netball, we came first in Seniors and third in Middles. Similarly, during lacrosse on St Catherine’s Day, Seniors were placed fourth and Middles first. So many girls came out to support the house, creating a sense of enormous house spirit and energy.

The Spring Term proved to be a very exciting and busy one. House Squash matches were played throughout the term and although we were placed 6th, all the girls who participated deserve to be commended for all their great play. During House lunches this term, both the U6 and the L6 were working tirelessly to prepare for the House Music and Gym competitions. Ashcombe’s renditions of Let’s Face the Music and Dance and Viva la Vida were sung enthusiastically by the whole House, gaining us a very pleasing and well-deserved third place. Meanwhile, the L6 were busy choreographing gym routines, ranging from Cheerleading to Rhythmic and Middle School Dance. 

Finally, we would like to thank the out going U6 for all the time and effort that they put into organising the various competitions and for leading the House to a number of victories. We will miss them greatly and wish them good luck for the future!