Pupil Insurances

Pupil Fees refund scheme

A scheme regularly taken up by parents is the School Fees’ Refund Scheme.  Further information for this can be downloaded from the document below  Current charges per term for this scheme, based on full fees, are:

  School Fees’ Refund
Senior Boarders £70.84
Senior Day Girls £64.23
Prep. School Form 1 to L3 £53.31
Pre-Prep. III £45.14
Pre-Prep. II £38.25
Pre-Prep. I £31.58

Premiums are calculated as a percentage of termly fees and will be reduced to take account of any scholarship, bursary or nursery grant.

If you wish to take up the cover, please tick the appropriate box on the Opt In form and return it to the Accounts Office.  Alternatively, if you wish to cease existing cover please also contact the Accounts Office. The cessation will take effect from the beginning of the next term. We will acknowledge the correspondence on receipt. Should you not receive an acknowledgement please contact Mrs Krystyna Latuske, Fees Administrator, on 01483 899710 or at krystyna.latuske@stcatherines.info.

BUPA Medical Insurance cover is also available at a current termly cost of £67.50, increasing to £70 with effect from September 2016.  Further information can be downloaded below. Should you wish to take out this cover please complete the application form at the back of the leaflet and send it in to the Accounts Office.

Important Note re “Opting in” Regulations and Pupil Personal Accident Insurance

Please note that, in the past, the school has been able to offer Pupil Personal Accident Insurance on a pupil by pupil basis, unfortunately this is no longer the case. Should you wish to take out such cover then you are advised to arrange this yourselves according to your family needs.  For current pupils this cover  will continue up to the end of the summer term 2016.

School Travel and Trip Insurance -  Please click here to review a copy of the summary details of the School wide travel insurance policy. Should you wish to review a copy of the actual policy please contact Robert Kinnison abm.finance@stcatherines.info