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The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

"Like Mr Tumnus, St Catherine’s Prep School really doesn’t want the magic to end"

"Bless me, what do they teach these children at these schools?" mutters the Professor when the Pevensies question the reality of another world and another time zone.  

As ever, the Lower III (Year 6) Production has provided the opportunity for the school community to collaborate on a grand scale.  We have adopted our own 'time zone', full of the adventures, the hard work and the madness that is rehearsing!  The girls have experimented with movement, choreography, comic acting, stage combat, dance, puppetry and singing.  The highlight of the project though, is that we have all supported one another and worked as a team on our eventful journey to Narnia and back. 

But why, "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe"? Predominantly because it is a classic children's adventure, where fantastical creatures come to life and the deadly conflict of good and evil provides deep suspense.  The girls have drawn on their research into the Second World War, to inform their understanding of Susan, Peter, Edmund, Lucy and all the other evacuees, as they embark on their new lives in "the heart of the country".  Once there, the characters not only explore the wild valleys of Narnia, they must also show resourcefulness, be courageous, demonstrate trust and have the grace to forgive.  What fitting values for our young cast to take with them as they enter the next exciting chapter of their school careers.

Mrs Jessica Bennett, Head of Drama, Prep School, and Director said, ‘I have been inspired to see how each girl has honed at least one new skill and is revelling in her new ability. The cast and team should be so proud of their collective capacity to 'give anything a go' and I have been greatly impressed their enthusiasm and creativity’. 
Isobel, aged 11 who plays Edmund, said that ‘the new experience of being involved a full scale musical has been so much fun.  I have learnt how to work together as a team and how I can support , help and anticipate the needs of other cast members’.

Will we really go back...?"  Like Mr Tumnus, we really don't want the magic to end but we're not so sentimental about handkerchiefs! Farewell Narnia, but the teamwork and creativity that this production has fostered will be skills the girls will keep and develop, and how wonderful for them to have the timeless message of the play, of love ultimately overcoming evil, in their hearts.