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LIII Evacuee Day

On Friday 29th January St Catherine’s LIII had their ‘Evacuee Day’. It was a fun filled day, which included of a variety of activities. The idea behind the day was that we really wanted the girls to experience what life was like during World War 2 and bring that period of history to life. The girls came to school dressed as a WW2 Evacuee, complete with an ID tag and gas mask box. This year we were pleased to welcome local archivists, Rosemary and Richard Christophers, who spoke to the girls about the history of St Catherine’s school and Bramley Village during the war. Our special guest speaker visited the school last Friday, 22nd January. Mrs Rosemary Gunther, a St Catherine’s old girl, who attended the school throughout the war. She shared her memories about when she boarded at St Catherine’s throughout World War 2.

Mrs Katie Malins, Year 6 teacher, said, ‘Each year our history unit comes alive during Evacuee Day. The girls’ learning is enriched through interactive cross-curricular activities, from sheltering during a mock air-raid in the cellar, learning to jive and enjoying a traditional VE Day party’.

My favourite part of the day was going into the bunker and singing wartime songs with my friends. It felt like a real air raid. Honor, aged 11.

Everything was fun- from sheltering in the bunker to the VE day party. Sophie, aged 10.
It was a real live history lesson.
 Grace, aged 11.

It was fun playing 1930 party games with my friends. Ellie, aged 10.

It made history feel real. Emilia, aged 10.

All the 1940s songs are now stuck in my head. I’ll be singing them for weeks. Moli, aged 11.