ICT-KS3 & Computing

Key Stage 3 (KS3) Curriculum

The KS3 curriculum studied in Upper 3 (Year 7) and Lower 4 (Year 8) covers the development of skills in both ICT and Computing, as well as encouraging students to become competent touch typists.

Upper 3 (Year 7):

  • ICT - Introduction to touch typing skills
  • ICT - iPad Induction (each student uses an iPad in both ICT/Computer Science and across other subjects)
  • ICT - Google Classroom and Notability (a note-taking app)
  • ICT - Effective web searching
  • ICT - Spreadsheets (Formulas, Functions, Graphs)
  • Computing  - Algorithms and Flowcharts
  • Computing - How Computers Work (Binary)
  • Computing - Scratch Programming

Lower 4 (Year 8):

  • ICT - Word (Basics, Tables, Shapes)
  • ICT - Spreadsheets (IF, COUNT formulas, Tables, Sparklines, Smart Art, Graphs)
  • Computing - BYOB (Build Your Own Blocks) Programming
  • Computing - Flowol (Flowcharts)
  • Computing - GameMaker (Games Development)

Students also participate in the Bebras Computational Thinking Competition, Hour of Code, and Safer Internet Day.

Coding Club 

All students have the opportunity to take part in a Coding Club so they can explore Python programming outside normal lessons. Students experiment with activities using the Code Club projects and are supported by 6th Form mentors. For example, students have been playing about with ASCII Art to create images of animals and objects.