Donors to the Chapel Fund

Caragh and Lucia Bennet – 8 Open Diaspora
The Burne Family - 8 Claribel Flute
The Cater Family - 8 Claribel Flute
Mr and Mrs Corrie - Principal
Emily Nott – Lieblich Gedact Swell 8
The Panter Family -  8 Dulciana
Mrs Alice Phillips – 8 Cornopean Swell
The Prep School PTA - 8 Dulciana
The Senior School PTA - Principal

Low and Large
The Fleming Family
Patricia James
Jane Kemball

Low and Loud
Mr and Mrs Kenneth Chan
Mr and Mrs James Garthwaite
Frances Goff
The Goodchild Family
The McMonigall Family
Lady Marion Morris

Mr Murray Campbell
The Crouch Family
The Horan Family
Patricia James
Jill Lye
Dr and Mrs Stapleton
Grace Miller
Miss J C M Bolton
In Memory of Mr Raymond Noel Dunn
Helen Auty - In Memory of Jane Hornsby (Davis)

In memory of Reverend John Bryn-Thomas
(Eucharistic Chaplain, 2011-2012)
The Carte Family
The Eve Family
Frances Garvey
Miss Helena Hayward
Miss G Soper
Vincy Wong

Mr Drummond
Rosie Evans
The Haywood Family
Peter Johnson in memory of Janet Johnson
Anne, Peter, Naomi and Lydia Joshua
Hazel Kelly
Karen Leung
Helen Liu and Regina Liu
Hettie Sainsbury
Grace Whitmarsh
A St Catherine's Family

In memory of Mrs Kerry Agar-Hynd, the LIII families of 2016
Pippa Carte
Jill Cochrane
Camilla Lamont
Morgan Roberts

Marjory Bayliss
Bramley Village Fete Association 2015
The Carte Family
Francesca Glenn
Anne, Peter, Naomi and Lydia Joshua
Miss Wenxin-Ju
Miss C. Massey
Mrs Alice Phillips
Isabelle Russell and Mrs Jane Russell
Eva Smith
Caroline and Helen Steel
The Walsh Family
A St Catherine's Family

Miss Philippa Berry
Rosemary and Richard Christophers
Alicia Glenn
Mrs Miranda Greenway
The Hudson Family
Gemma and Katie Taylor
Miss Wenxin-Ju
Gill Wright
Mrs Susan Wood (Berry)

Audrey Bayliss
Liz Chalwin
Philippa Goff

Fear of the Lord
Jill Cochrane

The Bramley Bikers
Hazelhurst Trust
The ON Organ Fund
The Pilgrim Trust
The Prep School PTA
The Senior School PTA
The Surrey Churches Preservation Trust
The Surrey Historic Buildings Trust
Midleton House Communion
Merriman House Communion
Musgrave House Donation
Stoner House Communion
Bramley Parochial Church Council
Memories Antiques, Bramley

and our 16 anonymous donors

Vic Alexander
Mrs Gillian Allen
Anne Angus
Carol Ayton
Revd Frances Bach
Mr and Mrs Bagley
Miss Bartholomew
Mr and Mrs Bateman
Beth Bathurst
Mrs Patricia Bento
Simone Berry
Annabelle Blake
Mr and Mrs Boyes
Deborah Bowen
Mrs Jenny Bristow (Newman)
Mr David Brown
Nan Brown
Heather Bryn-Thomas
Mrs Louise Buckley
Mrs Jill Buist (Wylie)
Angelique Burns
Davina Byrne
Mrs Carla Camp - In Memory of Miss Plint (Staff 1920-1948)
The Cassar Family
N. J. Chatfield (1965 ES-U Scholar)
Kay Chaventré
In Memory of Sarah Clayton
Judy Corben
Netty Creswell
Gill David
Jacki Deakin
The DeVilliers Family
Gill Denyer
Mr and Mrs Dibsdall
Mrs Gill Dockray
Victoria Douglas
Annabel Drazin
In Memory of Mr L Drew (Head of Chemistry 1989-99)
Barbara Edwards
Madeleine Edwards
Megan, Sian and Mimi Edwards
Mrs Wendy Faulkner (nee Henshaw)
Geoff and Katriona Field
Fran Flammiger
The Fooks Family
Mrs Frankie Gane
The George Family
Avril Gilbert (Kitson)
Mrs Jennifer Gillies
Jenny Grayson
Linda, Rebecca and Victoria Green

Rosemary Gunther
Sue Hall
Mrs Jane Hampshire (Griffith)
Antony Harris
Susan Harvey Hart
Dr and Mrs Rob Hawtin
Graham Healy
The Hermitage Family
Anna Hetherington
Mrs Denise Househam
The Hume Family
Dr Anne Hunter
Mrs Clare Jarrett
Liberty and Saskia Jones
Dr and Mrs Jordan
Sam Kelly
Sheila Kelsall
Michelle Kruger (nee Wheeler)
Anne Lee
Ruth Lee
Elizabeth Wyand and Marianne Leung (Yang)
Mrs J Lever
Jean Long
Mrs Diana Lunn
Beth MacCulloch
Jane Macgillivray
Mrs Tessa Manktelow
Janet March
Deborah Markham
Megan Martin
Mrs Ann Maughan
Kate McDowell
Izzy McLean
Revd Benji McNair Scott
Kirsty Meredith
The Moore Family
Imogen Morgan and family
Lorinda Munro-Faure
Mrs Aggie Murch
Mrs Josephine Ng
Mrs A Nikitina
Mrs Janet Nixon
Mr and Mrs J Nixon
The Normand Family
Mrs Ula Oakley
Mrs Margaret Parry (Umpleby)
Robert Patterson
The Pilkington Family
Deirdre Poldervaart (nee Harris)
Mrs Lowri Potts
Mrs Beryl Rawkins
The Reina Family
Dr G Robson
Caroline Rose
Mrs Rowe
Frances Scott
Mr and Mrs Richard Seaborne
Jane Shenfield
Mr and Mrs A Short
Susan Shorthose
Christine Silver
Anne Simpson
Ros Smallwood
Tyrone Smith
Olivia Stalley
Judith Standley
Mrs Felicity Steele
Mrs Andrew Steward
Mrs Diane Stewart
Anne Stortt
Lucy, Annabel and Emma Strong
The Stunt Family
Mrs Fiona Thomas
The Tiernan Family
Mrs Peta Tracey
The Turner Family
The Vega Family
Verity Vinen and Family
Anderley Wade
The Wakefield Family
Izzy and Catherine Weber
Rosemary Webster
Toppy Wharton
Alastair and Amanda White
Alexandra White
Mr and Mrs Rob Wilkinson
Dr Elizabeth Wilson
Ms Sarah Wilson
The Wong Family
Mrs Lesley Wormald
Nicola Wynne
Mr Ian Young
Mr and Mrs P Yung