Donations 2016-2017

Mr & Dr R S Atkins Mr J Hayward
Mr and Mrs Bache Mr A Hudson
Mrs Hazel Barnby Mrs P Houston
Mr & Mrs Bagley Mr C Huxtable
Ms Naomi Bartholomew Mr and Mrs Large
Mr and Mrs S Brooks Mrs Anne Lee
Dr Helen Bowcock Mr & Mrs R MacGregor
Mrs Wendy Buer Mr J Martin
Mrs Carla Camp Mrs Caroline Mason
The Maxwell Family
Mrs Annabell Campbell Dr & Mrs C Oh
Ms P Carte Mr & Mrs C Okoli
Mr & Mrs S Cater Mr and Mrs Pak
Mrs Elizabeth Chalwin Mrs Alice Phillips
Mr & Mrs K Chan Mr & Mrs R Price
Mr C Chow & Ms E Choi Mrs A Pymble
Mr and Mrs Chow Mrs R Raymond 
Mrs J Cochrane Mrs Katharine Reynolds
Ms R Coleman Mrs Diana Richards
Mrs Elizabeth Cook Mr P Riddy
Mr and Mrs Courage Mrs E Parkman
Mrs A Crowe Mr N Sherlock & Baroness Parminter
Mr & Mrs P Derby Mrs J Petherick
Mr & Mrs N Doran Mrs D Poldervaart-Harris
Mr B Epshtein & Mrs T Epshteyn Mr and Mrs Price
Mrs Rita Farrer Mrs L Sargeant
Mr P Flint Mrs Christine Silver
Mrs D Gauvain Mrs Felicity Steele
Mr J Graci Mr and Mrs Tauwhere
Mrs C Grant Mrs Fiona Thomas
Mr & Mrs P Glenn Mr J Tippett
Ms Sandra Godden Mr D Vanstone
Mr and Mrs J Good Mr P Wong & Ms L Chen
Mrs V Gough Ms Deannie Yew
Mrs Catherine Keen Mrs Jill Buist (nee Wylie)
Mr A Hawkins Mrs Elizabeth Wright
  Chambers Waste Management Plc

Please note  We take every care to ensure that donor’s titles and names are reported correctly and that all donors have been appropriately acknowledged, either by name or anonymously if they so wish.  Should you note any errors or omissions please accept our sincere apology.   Your gift is most certainly appreciated and gratefully received. Please do get in touch to advise us of any concerns so we can correct our records accordingly.  

Thank you.

Please contact Pippa Carte, Development Director

We offer our most sincere thanks to all our donors and legators.

Donors are presented alphabetically and we also note our thanks also to the 15 donors who chose to remain anonymous.

  • Over 70 individuals and families have made contributions this year which has raised just over £495,000 We value each donation highly and have taken great heart from the degree of increasing generosity of parents, alumnae, governors, teachers and staff alike.  Thank you.
  • The Chapel Fund, launched in 2015 to restore our 1899 Willis & Sons Organ, was completed with £206,000 raised.
  • Launched on Speech Day 2017, the new Create the Future has inspired support with over £383,000 donated to The 6 and The CATalyst. 
  • Gifts to The Annual Fund were £5,000 and have supported the purchase of exceptional equipment for the School that has enriched the girls' learning environment. A further £5,000 has been given to specific projects.
  • £58,214 has been given to our Bursary Fund giving highly capable girls an opportunity to fulfil their potential at St Catherine's.  
  • A further £34,080 was added to the Head's Hardship Fund to be at the Head's discretion in the case of unexpected difficult family financial circumstances that might disrupt a child's education.
  • We have received £5,000 in a legacy gift and a further pledge of a gift to the School. We have also received 2 substantive gifts in kind.  We remain indebted to such donors generous contribution towards securing the School's future.
  • Thank you too to the PTA in the Senior School for their generous support of the Digital Archive and the Prep School for their support of the Hardship Fund.

Should you wish to discuss your support of St Catherine’s or make a commitment to the School, please do get in touch with: Pippa Carte, Development Director 
Telephone: 01483 899754

You can give online through MyDonate.
Or complete a regular gift here - Printable Donation Form.