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Chicken Run

'Chicken Run' at St Catherine's Prep School

St Catherine’s Prep school celebrated Shrove Tuesday by welcoming a family of chickens to the school.  Agatha, Barbara, Chloe and Myrtle are the pets of Jane Cowx, our Director of Sports.  With our new outdoor learning classroom, Mrs Cowx ’hatched’ a plan.  She thought that it would be a wonderful opportunity for the girls to learn at first hand about chickens and their way of life. 

There was a real buzz and great excitement as the girls arrived in the morning to see the chicken enclosure with our special visitors.  It was very clear that each chicken had an endearing personality and the girls soon found out that Myrtle was ’the Boss’! The chickens really stimulated the girls’ natural curiosity.  We heard questions of where do the chickens sleep?  Do they talk to each other?  Where do they lay their eggs? Why are  Barbara and Chloe cross with each other?  It was great to see how the chickens were encouraging  the girls’ natural inquisitiveness, interest in animals and their natural environment.

The idea behind having the chickens on Shrove Tuesday was so that the girls understood that eggs are one of the main ingredients of pancake mixture and that the chickens who visited, provided us with some of the eggs to make the pancakes.  As the girls arrived back from lunch, they watched the pancake batter being made, saw them cooked and then enjoyed eating them outside.

Jane Cowx said, ‘It was wonderful to hear all the questions from the girls which stemmed from the chickens’ visit.  It was interesting that so many different areas of the curriculum were able to be covered in an informal and fun way’.

‘It was great fun learning the names of the chickens and working out who was who by their colouring and personality’  Isobel aged 10.

I thought that is was a very good idea to bring the chickens into school on Shrove Tuesday as this meant we didn’t have to buy eggs for the ingredients,  therefore saving money’ Millie aged 10.